2018 version of a Definition of Sales Enablement & Partner Enablement

Sales Enablement
2 min readJul 4, 2017

Over the last 10 years, I have collected a number of different definitions of Sales Enablement on my blog’s “About” section, but finally took the time to add a bit.

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can be defined as:

“Delivering the right knowledge (= information provided in context) that is verifiably the most up-to-date and takes into account what a customer has already bought and in which sales step they are now

in the right format (video, audio, text, Chat Bot / AI assistant, calculator / tool, sheet, slides, etc)

Sales Enablement (+ coaching) bot

and with the right questions to ask to the right person (internal/external with contact details) or Chat Bot / AI assistant,

at the right time (appropriate to sales step, pipeline, reminders, etc)

and in the right place (mobile-first, location aware, appropriate for region and regional availability of offering/solution)

in local currency (correct pricing for the given place)

on any device

in the right language (content & user interface)

with industry-vertical & geography appropriate case studies (customer success stories)

and aware of what can be combined as a solution

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necessary to move a specific b2b sales conversation forward

for anyone touching accounts (salespeople / partners / channels).”

Sales Enablement content search via bot



Sales Enablement

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